The Aggie Band

Not the Easiest, But the Best...

The Organization Chart on the left is a basic breakdown of the command structure of the Aggie Band. On top is the Colonel, currently Colonel Toler, who is the Band Director. Directly beneath him is Major Brewer (now Lt Colonel), the Associate Director. CBS, or the Combined Band Staff, is composed of about 8 band members who act in the roles of; Band Commander, Band Executive Officer, Band Supply Officer, Band Scholastic Officer, Band Athletic Officer, and so on. They are the staff that manages the day to day operations of the band. The DM, or Drum Majors, are the band members who command the band at drill when preparing for a performance on the field. Below the Combined Band organization are the individual band outfit commanders and related staff (represented in the diagram by the outfit names). And that is the structure of the band in a nutshell (no, /this/ is the sturcture in a nutshell, 'Help! I'm in a nutshell!").

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