Sophomore Tales

Texas A&M '90-'91

A new year, and a single stripe. Incredible the power that accompanied that single bat wing. We had rank. And we were the sophomores. I had remembered thinking as a freshman, "I can't wait to be a sophomore. All they do is yell at freshman and make them do push-ups. I can do that. Where do I sign up?". Then came the reality. The reason the sophomores are so passionate about punishing the freshman is because they are punished for the mistakes the freshman make. And nobody likes sophomores. They are the disciplinarians. Hated by the fish, and punished by the upperclassmen. And you are not a fish anymore, so you are expected to be 100% perfect all the time in every way. You are the example to the fish. And these are a few of the stories from that year:

  • The Gulf War
  • The Holiday Bowl
  • The Cat Toss
  • March to the Brazos

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