The Power Trip

Texas A&M '92-'93

At last the zenith is achieved. Every day is an opportunity to wear the imposing knee high leather boots as a senior in the Corps. Seniors attract the most attention. Their resounding spurs ring out on concrete walkways. Eyes follow their movements as visitors and non-regs alike recognize the level of achievement that those boots represent. To wear them is a badge that you have overcome adversity. You have been a follower, and now is your time to be a leader. Every day I would use the boot hooks to pull them on and think, "I got by Robert Nogueras to wear these." And I would smile at that. The confidence that is earned to get to the point where those boots can be worn stays with you your whole life. Needless to say, it is a fun year as well since you inherit the power of being a senior. It is especially fun to be a senior in the Aggie Band since you get to line up on the goal line every Saturday. You get to be in the front, and you can easily pick yourself out in pictures and videos. Here are some stories to give you a window into what it is like to live it:

  • Yell Practise: The Hunter
  • Texas A&M vs. Texas Tech
  • The Game
  • The incident that almost was...
  • Disaster in the 1993 Cotton Bowl
  • Playing Softball and Paying the Price

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