Even I was groded once

It is a hard thing to evade miffing off your buddies once in a while at the very least. And beware when you do. Especially as a white belt. Because a white belt commands armies of willing fish. These fish are always dying to be ordered by a white belt to grab and grode out another white belt. It is a therapeutic thing for them to do. It helps them deal with the hardships of being fish. As it so happens, there was a day when I was in my third year as a cadet and I happened to upset one Ricky Trotter. I wasn't afraid of Ricky so to speak, and I recall I was just annoying him for the fun of it. But he sent the fish to come get me. He got the pass key from Rudy Vacek, and let the freshman into my room. Now I was taking a nap, and was unaware of the freshman coming to get me. And then they were on me. I fought hard, and they were not going to take me easily, but when it is four fish vs. your right leg, the leg loses. Dido on the ratio against your left leg, left arm, and right arm. The battle raged to get me into the hall, and then to the crapper. And they gave me a swirly. Stuck my head in the toilet and flushed it. It was hard for them to get me in their, but they were too many, and I was overwhelmed. At least they didn't give a chocolate swirly, an attack which I will not describe. And so they got me, Richard Hay, on that day. I remember well the day they got Ricky Trotter though, and it was a good day.

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