Fish Stories

Texas A&M '89-'90

So I get to Texas A&M for "FOW" (Freshman Orientation Week), and find that evil demons have possesed the bodies of "fish Torres" and "fish Nogueras" now "Mr. Torres" and "Mr. Nogueras". So unassuming and nice they had seemed. And now they were upperclassmen. Not just upperclassmen either. They were "Pissheads". The Aggie slang for sophomores, they were hell on low quarters. Instantly I realize why it is so easy to join the Aggie Band. Its because you are not going to stay in unless you REALLY want to. Anyway, here are some interesting tales from that freshman year:

  • Freshman Orientation Week
  • The Feuerbacher Twins
  • Life at Drill
  • fish Hay makes a mistake
  • The Arkansas game
  • Do unto others...
  • Bird on the Hat
  • Mr. Moore and the Honk and Bonk stand
  • Hell Week!
  • BQ Ball
  • They got Dan...
  • Todd Thoele deserves to be remembered for this one

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