The Car Wash

Every year in the spring, the B-Company brain trust gets together to plan
how to raise outfit funds for the annual canoe trip mentioned before in
previous tales.  The consensus normally leans toward an outfit car wash.
I do recall when I was a sophomore working with Greg Buell on a money
making venture at the all night fair.  We made a nice profit, but my
favorite memory was this guy with a painted board that looked like the
gaping maw of a big dog.  He had these beanie cats, and he spent the whole
night soliciting persons who despised cats to play his cat toss trying to
chuck the kitties through the maw of the dog.  "Cat Toss!" he'd cry, "Toss
a cat here!  Everybody who hates cats loves the cat toss!  Right here!"
That was a segue, but I'm back now.  The point was to raise money for
outfit activities.  Like I-Band field day, and parties, and so on.

So we'd go to the Red Lobster on Texas Avenue, and pay them for the use of their water and parking lot in the rear. They were always cooperative, and we'd market well. We'd get Jeremy Schubert and some of the other buffest guys in the outfit to wear only shorts and then hold signs strategically over their midsection such that it gave the appearance of nudity to the passing motorist. This works by the way. It catches people's attention. And we got a lot of women who wanted to have their car washed by the good ole Aggie Band hunks. What a life we had. So we'd wash loads of cars and get nice donations, and the seniors would loaf, and collect the money. The juniors manage the freshman and sophomores who do all the work. And the afternoon would end, and we'd have the freshman lie in a row, and spray 'em down with water. It's called the fish flop. Of course, they get up all wet, and they charge upperclassmen and dunk 'em with trashcans full of soapy murky water. So everyone gets dooshed out pretty much. It's a nice way to bond and raise outfit funds for sure.

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