Dan Nicolas' Day of Reckoning

It was the spring, and drill practices were a fond memory of fall. But there are those that do not sleep. For these, revenge is never forgotten, and an old grudge is no less fierce. In their hearts, they have not forsaken the remembrance of past actions that have disgraced their elite membership. These men and women form a alliance of steel that is called the Drum Section. It is unwise to draw the ire of a group such as this. One man who dared to do so was called Dan Nicolas. He was class of 1990 and a black belt in karate. A fit man who was capable of defending himself from many foes. He frequently insulted the drummers during the fall with cries of "Ground Bongos!" They had not forgotten. Though it was spring, there came a day when Dan was nestled snugly in his bed, fearing no man, and napping blissfully. He thought himself untouchable. Inviolate. Dan was not going to be an easy mark for even a group of fish with fire in their eyes and revenge in their hearts. The drummers are a cunning bunch, however, and they had something that year that they had never before possessed. A female drummer. Tough as nails she was. And her name was Audry. Audry Ashcraft. So it came to pass that the drummers devised a scheme whereby the heretic Dan Nicolas could be coerced from his room defenseless and groded out with some nasty stuff. To teach him of the timelessness of the drum section's ire, and to send a message to all that they were to be respected. The freshmen crept into Dan Nicolas' Room, and surrounded him. But it was Audry who had the key role. It was she who grabbed Dan by the scruff of his testicles, and told him in no uncertain terms that they were coming to the bathroom, and he could tag along if he liked. He found this to be a right good idea at that time, so he accompanied Ms. Ashcraft to the crapper where they proceeded to grode him out rotten. And then they washed him off in the shower. But he never forgot their retribution. And that is how they got Dan.

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