Fund Raising

At the end of each school year, in May, at the close of the Spring semester, there is a time which is feared by all parents. Final Review comes on the Saturday following and there are two days after finals end on Wednesday and the day of the review. This makes for two days where all the cadets are still around with absoutely NO academic responsibilities. Normally in B-Company we would go on a canoe trip during this period, which was a bit out of control. But that doesn't happen for free.

So the outfit often has fundraisers. And one such event occured during my sophomore year in college. Greg Buell '91 was organizing a B-Company sponsered booth at Casino Night and the all night fair. What a night that was. I volunteered to assist in manning the booth. Our game was simple. Baloons were rigged to a board with coupons and prizes redeemable at local restaurants and book stores. The prizes were good ones. Anyway, the game was simple. Buy 3 darts, and try and pop a prize ballon (they all had something). Pop a ballon, win the prize inside. Complicated. Anyway, the baloon game was very popular.

But the most popular game was the cat toss. I will never forget the cat toss. There was a cutout board in the shape of a ravenous dog's maw with a gap between the exposed fangs. And the fella who was running the game ran the best ad campaign. He would be yelling at the top of his lungs, 'CAT TOSS! COME TOSS THE CAT! You Sir, I know you hate cats, common and have some therapy. CAT TOSS!' The 'cat' in this case consisted of several beanie cat toys. To play you paid your money and got three 'cats' to toss into the dog's maw. Get two out of three and win a prize. B-Company raised significant funds that night. But not as much as that cat toss guy.

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