Boof your Buddy Week

The week when buds turn on each other

Ah yes, the fabulously decadent boof your buddy week.  Another way to say
it is screw your buddy week.  This is done the week before finals week
when the fall semester is coming to a close.  It is a week of unabated
pranks.  A time of year when you find soggy wafer cookies in your shoes
when you try to put your feet in them.  Sure, you went to take a shower in
your robe.  Where did that robe go?  You can be sure one of your buddies
knows, and is behind the crime.  All's fair in love, war, and boof your
buddy week (a lesser known version of the famous saying).  Well, as I
recall, boof your buddy week never lasts more than three days or so before
the Commanding Officer calls it off.  He does this because things escalate
to a point where they have crossed the line.  This happens quite rapidly.
I remember Donny Crowe and Phil Cordova were mad because someone had put
shoe polish on their best low quarters and set them on fire. This kind of
boof had to be answered in kind.  Anyway, Robby Paris and Dave Feuerbacher
shared a room.  Cordova and Crowe secretly entered their room, and set a
line of incense sticks in a drawer.  Then they clogged the sink, and
started the water flowing.  They buttressed the door with towels upon
their exit to keep the ruse alive as long as possible.  About 25 minutes
later the upperclassmen became suspicious when water began seeping through
the waterlogged towels and into the hallway.  The door was opened, and
about a foot of water burst out of Dave's room and gushed out into the
hall (I remember quite clearly since we lived across the hall, and got the
brunt of the water released).  Also, the air was a cloud of rose scented
smoke from the incense.  What a mess that was.  It was about that time
that Zac Crouch declared our first boof your buddy week to be over.

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