Another Bird on the Hat?

We were riding busses back from a fish band preformance when the head drum major, Shane Tanner, also from B-Co, mentioned the Bird on the Hat story to us. We had no idea what he was talking about, so upon listening we figured out that we needed to find a bird on the hat of our own. This was about 5:30PM, our time for bloddy cross was 10:30 the next day.

For some reason or other most of my buddies were unable to go searching for a bird, so it was up to about five of us to find one. First, we headed out to fish lot with a bunch of rocks, to try to hit a bird. We quickly discovered that this wasen't going to work. However, I did find a huge inert bird laying on the road. It had passed away several days ago and stunk awful, but as it was the only bird we could get ahold of, we threw it in a bag in the back of the car and kept looking.

Our next step was some land that my buddy Clara's aunt owned. Another buddy, Peter, drove us out there, stopping to get his 12 guage from his sister's house. We tried for about half an hour, but finally gave up and went home.

So the next day we ran bloddy cross with a five pound bird tied to the top of a knit cap, chanting many a round of "Bird on the Hat".

We ended up first in the band and second in the corps.

Paul I Damin
B-Co '00

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