Adams Delays Anthem While Rice Being Cooked

submitted by Colonel Dan Palmer, USA, Ret '66

We had just returned to our seats in Rice Stadium ( November 1962 ) 
after another perfect performance--the Rice Band did their thing, then the 
Aggie seniors began forming the line for the team to run through.  Seeing the 
Aggies on the field, Rice students began pouring out of the stands and 
forming their own line adjacent to the guessed it.  Less than a 
minute later the OD's headgear went flying, and the fight was on.  It was 
even for a while until the underclassmen from A&M joined in, surrounded the 
Rice student body and really got the best of them.....numbers were in our 
favor big time.  Being a freshman, I found the following  very 
interesting.....after the fight began, LTC E. V. Adams announced " National 
Anthem."  We passed it up,  and ole Adams, looking over his right shoulder, 
gave us " horns up." Just then, LTC Adams mumbled something to himself, and 
told us " put them down, men."  I am certain he was smiling as the Ags 
pummeled the "strategically challenged " Rice brainchildren--he let it go on 
a minute or so, gave us " horns up " again, and we then boomed out the 
National Anthem.....a freeze frame that will live forever in the reveries of 
my mind.....silver sabers slashing and reflecting brilliantly, Rice bright 
boys running like h_ _ _ for the stands, and the Cadets saluting Old Glory in 
the bright Texas sun.  HOOAH !!!!!  I don't remember any consequences, but 
the Houston Post's Sunday headline read  "Abolish Texas A&M."

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