"Echoes of Aggieland"

And from the Depths of Kyle Field some Forty Thousand Roar:
For as twelve silver bugles flash, the Aggie Band hits Recall once more,

For seven majestic minutes, the whole world ceases to be,
Except for step-offs, flanks, halts, and, of course, the famous "T".

After the "cease play" and "break" and the Colonel says "Good Job Men!"
You know that whether we win, lose, or tie the game, the half we always win.

But as every Senior knows, Time flies by much too fast;
And his Pride and Joy - His Senior Boots - Are laid to their final rest.

With a tear in his eye, and a lump in his throat, he bids farewell to Aggieland,
Where a few years ago he came as a boy, and now he's leaving as a man.

And many years from now his thoughts will drift back to his beloved Aggieland,
And he can still hear "Now Forming at the north end of Kyle Field...The Fightin' Texas Aggie Band."

Steve McDaniel '71

John Potts '71

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