Band Shields

The Army guys in the Texas Aggie Corps of Cadets are in the brigade, and they wear the brigade shields on their shoulders. The Air Force guys are in the wing, and they wear wing shields. The Navy and Marine guys are in the regiment, and they wear the regiment shields. The fourth and last segment of the Corps of Cadets is the band. And Bandsmen wear Aggie Band shields on their shoulders. And they look like this.

And I also received this story from James Whitaker '70

Richard .....I came across your description of the band shield......Prior to the spring of 1970 the band did not wear shields....then for some reason...known only to God and the staff rats it was decided that we had to more like the Corps.....the shield was designed by my classmate John Small '70...... Like anything new at A&M they were not universally fact I through mine away rather than put the damn things on at final review. I was joined by many others. Things were said that i wish had not been. Seemed important at the time. But three years later it was like they had been there since 1876.

I had the honor of knowing Col. Stewart Hervey class of 1917. His was the last class to wear the Grey (West Point) style uniform....It was his class's (SP?) opinion that they should burn the place down and give it back to the Comanche's before they made Real Aggies change to those damn boots..And so it goes

James E. Whiteaker '70

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