Aggie Ring

Here is a high resolution scan of my very own Aggie Ring. I remember very well March 18, 1992. It was a Wednesday. I had my 95 hours, and I went to the Clayton Williams Alumni Center to pick up this ring. You cannot acquire an Aggie Ring from anyone other than the alumni center. It is a proud symbol not only of accomplishment at Texas A&M, but also of being a part of the Aggie tradition. I christened the ring at the Dixie Chicken at Northgate in College Station. This means I dunked it in a pitcher of Miller Lite (I couldn't have handled Shiner), and attempted to drink it dry in 93 seconds. It took me 2 minutes, ten I ran over by 37 seconds. You try and down a pitcher of beer in 93 seconds before passing judgement.

webbed by Richard Hay