Designs in Wood

Robert M. Brooks

15% of Cost donated to TABA

Welcome to a preview for the products produced by Robert M. Brooks, father of Marc Brooks '93. He personally crafts wood boxes with a variety of A&M related logos etched on them. Click to go to his website at - I personally recommend his work. I own both a music box and a domino box made by Mr. Brooks, and they are extremely well crafted. If you are interested in acquiring a box made by Mr. Brooks, he has offered to generously contribute 15% of the price of the boxes to the Aggie Band Association if you hear about and buy the boxes through the website. Fill out the form below to inform Mr. Brooks of your interest, and he will contact you. He can etch patterns that are quite complex on the boxes, and normally a phone dialogue is conducted anyway before the boxes are made. The following form is simply to inform him of your interest, and give him the contact information he needs to get in touch with you to get the details. You are not purchasing the product by filling out the form. You are merely indicating that you want to know more. Examples of his boxes are displayed. The music boxes run about $80 with whatever etching design you want on there, and $12 will go straight to TABA in this instance. Fill out the form or email him directly at to let him know your interested. You can also call Designs in Wood directly at (800) 235-5970, FAX them at (888) 235-6448, or mail them directly at P.O. Box 3760; San Angelo, Texas 76902. Mr. Brooks takes Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and you can click here to go straight to the order form Mr. Brooks has set up.

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